the want list | organic

Even through my style changes, the one thing that’s always stuck with me is a very organic feel. I love natural fibers, neutral textiles and wooden features. You can mix organic with any style, in fact, mine is very organic modern at the moment. I may or may not have that side table… okay, obviously I do.

the want list | organic

ONE. Macrame Pot Holder — Macrame is making a HUGE comeback. From hanging pot holders like this one, to hanging pieces like this — people all over Instagram are starting to make these babies. They make a nice statement, and can help out a fellow maker.

TWO. Stump Side Table — Talk about organic. You don’t get much more organic that a hunk of wood sitting in your living room. I currently have this one, but have had my eye on this one for quite some time.

THREE. Wood Table Lamp — I love all things wooden, and paired with a linen shade with a very organic and streamlined look, fuhgeddaboudit. This is a pricey piece, but I will own it. Have you seen the floor lamps? Swoon.

FOUR. Floor Cushions — If you have kids, this is the best way to bring in your sofa to have a functional living room. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. In those cases, adding just a couple to the floor can be both functional and stylish.

FIVE. Wishbone Chair — I am currently OBSESSED with these chairs. I originally loved the natural ones, then wanted these ones, then found the black ones. I mean, Mother’s Day is coming up. We’ve had our chairs for a while. Husband, if you’re reading this — here’s a hint.

S H O P   T H E   W A N T   L I S T

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