maddie’s bedroom refresh

I’ve been a little quiet over here lately, but for good reasons! I’ve got 3 different projects going on at once, and they’re all out of town. I’m talking 2 hours to one, 1.5 hours to another and 45 minutes to one more. It keeps me busy, and that’s what I love. In the meantime, I decided to refresh my oldest daughter’s bedroom. I did a makeover for her back in 2014 when she was 7. She’s 12 now and it was time for an updated room. The triangles came down and I really wanted to do my own wallpaper look by hand. I’m completely in love with the way it turned out! And so is Maddie. She got a new desk, new headboard, new bedding — the whole shebang. One of her favorite parts is — of course — the canopy hanging from the ceiling. This was an easy little project to do that made a big impact. I’ll share all of the sources and steps I took to make the canopy over the bed soon!


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